Alfa stations are owned by Soor Fuel Marketing Company, which is a Kuwaiti national integrated fuel company. With 41 stations all across Kuwait, our ambition is to become the best fuel company in the country. Alfa is committed to better fuel services that is safer, cleaner and accessible to as many people as possible

Alfa is continually reinventing the Customer Relationship. Customer expectations are changing, along with their relationship to fuel services. With services that are more digital, more responsible and closer to their requirements, Alfa anticipates the customers’ needs to ensure that we remain their preferred partner.

Alfa Carefully considers the potential environmental impact of our activities and how local communities might be affected. Hence, Alfa is committed to protect the environment by implementing the Vapour Recovery & Petroleum Spills Drainage Systems.



to become a leading “Fuel Marketing Company” Through acquisition, alliances and strategic partnerships - delivering diversified & integrated energy solutions - while growing in size, revenue and presence.


Soor is committed to build a reputation of quality & integrity by providing innovative products and services to the local and regional markets while promoting respects for the environments and the society.



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